• How far in advance do I order my cake?

    Wedding Cakes - 4-6 months in advance

    Specialty Cakes - 1 week

    Classic Cakes - 24-48 hours


  • How do I transport my 2-3 tier specialty or wedding cake?

    We will put supports through the cake and box the cake.  You will need to have a flat surface in the vehicle with ample height to store it.  Keep cake out of the sun in the summer time and have the car air conditioned upon arrival. Send someone who is a cautious driver.

  • How do I reheat and serve my quiches or pot pies?

    Quiches:  warm in 350 oven on baking sheet, for 25-30min.

    Pot Pies:  Fast way: microwave 1 min, finish in toaster or conventional oven, 350, 15 min

    Or warm in oven or toaster oven, 350, 25 min.



  • How do I best serve my cake or cupcakes?

    Buttercream Cakes:  Best served at room tempurature.  Leave out for 3-4 hours before serving

    Ganache Cakes: Rest at room temp for 3-4 hours

    Cupcakes:  Best served at room temp. They can set at room temp for 5-6 hours, but refrigerate overnight.

    Cream Iced Cakes: Serve chilled.  Cakes can set at room temp for 30min- 1 hour.

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