Reception Cakes

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Cake prices start at:

  • Buttercream round - $5.95 per person
  • Square -  $6.25 per person
  • Multiple shapes - $6.75+ per person
  • Individual cakes - $20.00+
  • Additional Cake flavors (over 2) $25.00 per flavor
  • Sugar Flowers start at $8.50 each
  • Sugar Blossoms $1.50+
  • Fondant - $1.50 - $2.50 extra per person

Additional pricing:

  • Stand Deposit - $100.00 (refundable)
  • Stand Rental - $45.00-85.00
  • Gluten Free cakes 15-20% increase


  • Champagne Toast - Vanilla sponge cake with chantilly cream, champagne marinated strawberries, and buttercream or whipped cream icing
  • Butter Berry - Vanilla butter cake with sweet cream cheese, wild berry compote, and buttercream icing
  • Carrot - Traditional carrot cake with sweet cream cheese, apricot marmalade, and cream cheese icing
  • Almond Raspberry - Almond butter cake with raspberry marmalade, vanilla bean custard, and buttercream icing
  • Devils Food Candied Orange - Devils food chocolate cake with candied oranges, dark chocolate mousse, and buttercream or chocolate ganache icing
  • Rose Petal Lemon - Rose petal lemon butter cake with French lemon curd
  • Vienna - Vanilla butter cake with dark chocolate mousse
  • Colorado Peach Raspberry - Vanilla butter cake with sweet cream cheese, fresh Colorado peaches, fresh raspberries, and buttercream icing **only available in peach season (Aug/Sept)**
  • White Wedding - Vanilla bean soaked cake with sweet buttercream
  • Marble Velvet - Marbled butter cake with sweet cream cheese and buttercream or cream cheese icing
  • Italian Cream - Toasted pecan olive oil cake with sweet cream cheese, apricot marmalade, and cream cheese icing
  • German Chocolate - Chocolate sponge cake with a mix of sweet coconut, toasted pecans, caramel, and topped with chocolate ganache
Seasonal Flavors:
  • Chocolate Candy Cane - Vanilla or Chocolate sponge cake soaked with peppermint schnapps, with candy cane white chocolate mousse
  • Gingerbread Caramel - Gingerbread butter cake, layered with caramel buttercream
  • Caramel Pear - Chocolate sponge cake with caramel poached pears and chocolate mousse
  • Colorado Peach Raspberry - Vanilla butter cake layered with sweet cream cheese, fresh Colorado peaches and fresh raspberries
  • Maple Spice - Spice butter cake with maple cream cheese
  • Pumpkin Ginger Chocolate - pumpkin chocolate candied ginger cake, layered with dark chocolate ganache

Wedding Cake Delivery:

  • $35.00-45.00 in Boulder
  • $45.00+         Boulder County area
  • $75.00-150.00+ outside Boulder County

Ordering and Tastings:

  1. Tastings are by appointment only.  Tastings are $15.00 which is credited when you order your wedding cake.
  2. $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date and time.
  3. Please allow 3-6 months to reserve date for weddings.
  4. Final payment for wedding cake is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.  All changes need to be made before that date.

Photo Gallery of Wedding Cakes

weddingcakes_whiteorangeflowers weddingcakes_whitemulticolorflora weddingcakes_tealscrollpeonies weddingcakes_poppies weddingcakes_callalillies weddingcakes_pinkpoppies weddingcakes_whiteivy weddingcakes_5tierwhite customcakes_annivboxes weddingcakes_hexstackwhiteoncream weddingcakes_mosaic weddingcakes_4sqstarsdrangies weddingcakes_4tierwithredlilies weddingcakes_simplewithfruit weddingcakes_3tierfloral weddingcakes_fallfloral weddingcakes_pomegranate weddingcakes_fancyorchid weddingcakes_snowburst weddingcakes_frostedpinecone weddingcakes_hydrangea weddingcakes_springfloralbutterfly weddingcakes_5tierwhitesilverribbon weddingcakes_3tierbluewhiteandblack weddingcakes_greenwithpearls weddingcakes_10tiergoldfiligree weddingcakes_whiteboxes weddingcakes_whitewainscote weddingcakes_twigandpinecone weddingcakes_3tieraqua weddingcakes_bluefiligree weddingcakes_forgetmenot weddingcakes_whitewhiteflower weddingcakes_bluewithwhiterose weddingcakes_bwstripe weddingcakes_whitepinkflowers weddingcakes_lavribbonfloral weddingcakes_4tierpouchtop weddingcakes_forsythia weddingcakes_luvmusic weddingcakes_cupcakestoo weddingcakes_bluewhitehydrangea weddingcakes_brownwithorchids weddingcakes_invertedgpw weddingcakes_cherryblossom weddingcakes_whitebows weddingcakes_butterfliesblueflower weddingcakes_daisies weddingcakes_5tierpinkwhitedaisy weddingcakes_rusticfruit weddingcakes_redpoppies weddingcakes_chocolatevertlines weddingcakes_aspen weddingcakes_chocdipped weddingcakes_3tierfresiastraw customcakes_reddot weddingcakes_dottedbox weddingcakes_stephanotis weddingcakes_freshpeony weddingcakes_periwinkleribbon weddingcakes_simplepeony weddingcakes_fleurishanddots weddingcakes_4tiersqmonoram weddingcakes_lovebirdsandcupcakes weddingcakes_cakebuffet weddingcakes_kiwipear weddingcakes_3tierbrownonwhite weddingcakes_tresmonogram weddingcakes_7tierpage weddingcakes_redlillygreenleaves weddingcakes_henna weddingcakes_springfloral weddingcakes_confetti weddingcakes_bluepoppy weddingcakes_greenorchid weddingcakes_4tierweddingbox weddingcakes_summerharvest weddingcakes_quiltedblue weddingcakes_3tiersqpinkandred weddingcakes_barefootbride weddingcakes_natalie weddingcakes_pinkribbon weddingcakes_periwinkle weddingcakes_orchidtwig weddingcakes_peonyridge weddingcakes_apricotleaves weddingcakes_greenpoppy weddingcakes_whitepoppytop weddingcakes_lightpinkpoppy weddingcakes_springpinktwig weddingcakes_orpurplegrnbright weddingcakes_elegantboxes weddingcakes_courtney weddingcakes_tradwithcupcakes weddingcakes_flapper weddingcakes_3tierinverted weddingcakes_yarrow weddingcakes_waterlily weddingcakes_elegantcakebuffet weddingcakes_dessertbuffet weddingcakes_tremonbuffet weddingcakes_rembrandtydbuffet weddingcakes_3tierinverted weddingcakes_contemporary weddingcakes_autumnboxes weddingcakes_fiddleheads weddingcakes_whitedaisybuffet
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